Hi, I'm Kalia and I am an Licensed Clinical Social Worker! As someone who has experienced their own childhood trauma, ADHD and anxiety diagnoses I understand firsthand what it feels like to struggle with these issues and to feel misunderstood or unsupported. Because of this I am passionate about creating a partnership with my clients and ensuring that they feel seen, heard, and validated in their experiences.

I have specialized expertise in anxiety disorders such as general anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, phobias, and panic disorders for children and adults. I also specialize in trauma-related disorders including childhood trauma, military, first responders, healthcare professionals, workplace trauma, and racial/ethnic trauma. Additionally, I have extensive training in working with neurodivergence disorders such as adult ADHD and Autism, BIPOC concerns, LGBTQIA+ concerns and female sexual dysfunction.

When you work with me, you can expect a client-centered and relational approach to building safety, connection, mutual respect, and trust. During our first session, I like to get to know you and for you to ask any questions or concerns you may have. I also ask questions about you, your family dynamics, physical and mental health history, and may provide questionnaires to ensure the most effective treatment interventions will be used to treat your primary concerns.

I have advanced training in EMDR, anxiety-stressor disorders, ADHD, and sexual dysfunction. I have conducted over 400 EMDR sessions to date, working with clients on issues such as complex trauma, self-esteem, physical and sexual abuse, OCD, phobias, panic disorders, and grief. I am a certified clinical trauma professional and a certified clinical anxiety treatment professional. I am in the process of completing my certification to become an ADHD clinical services provider and I will be fully certified to receive my EMDR credential in the summer of 2023.

I utilize a variety of therapeutic interventions, including psychoeducation, skills building, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, rational emotive therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy, exposure response therapy, introspective exposure therapy, Invivo exposure therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), and somatic therapy. I tailor my approach to each client's unique needs and goals, ensuring that their therapy is both effective and meaningful.

Depending on your presenting concern, I generally suggest committing to at least 8-12 sessions, with the first four sessions being weekly to build momentum. After the first month, we will reassess and determine whether weekly or bi-weekly sessions will be most appropriate for your needs.

It's important to note that the average amount of sessions is a generalization and everyone is different. There are many factors that can determine treatment duration. Depending on the primary issue and client readiness, treatment duration can be less or more than 12 sessions. Based on my experience, moderate to severe anxiety symptoms and complex trauma can take 3-5 months of consistent therapy.

In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, kayaking, gardening, baking, hiking, candle making, crocheting, reading, spin classes, watching horror movies and comedy shows, painting, and spending time with family, friends, and my adorable Bichon Frise, Jussie Doggett.

If you're looking for a compassionate and experienced therapist to help you navigate life's challenges, I am here to support you. Text, call or email today to schedule a free 15 minute consultation and take the first step towards healing and growth.


• Licensed Clinical Social Worker
• EMDR Trained (2021)- Will be fully Certified to receive credential
in Summer 2023
• Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
• Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional
• ADHD Certified Clinical Services Professional (May 2023)
• Integrating EMDR and ERP with OCD and Phobias
• Trained in Play Therapy Techniques
• Trained in Sand Tray Techniques
• Trained in Exposure Response Therapy
• Mental Health First AID


• Anxiety Disorders (Children, Teens, Adults)
• Phobias
• Panic
• General Anxiety
• Social Anxiety

• PTSD, and other Trauma related Stressor Disorders (Teens &Adults)

• Neurodivergent Disorders (Teens and Adults)
• Autism

• Black Racial Identity Concerns

• LGBTQIA+ Concerns

• Female Sexual Dysfunction
• Low Desire
• Low arousal
• Vaginal Atrophy
• Pelvic Floor Pain

*Note I am still in the process of being paneled to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana. I can provide a super-bill for re-imbursement.

Verify your insurance: Aetna, Cigna, Oxford, Oscar, United

Verify your insurance: Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Medicare


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    Daytime (9a - 5p), Evening (after 5p), Weekend (Sat/Sun)
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