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I focus on the challenges that single WOC face when approaching dating & singlehood. My goal is to help you overcome insecurities, improve your sense of self-worth, & build attraction with confidence, visibility, & spontaneity to inspire devotion & have desired commitment. In my work with couples, I use my understanding of the past experiences of each partner that may be impacting the relationship & repeated interactional patterns that cause pain. My goal is for you to develop an understanding & compassion for one another's experience. This newly incorporated consideration for one another establishes a framework in which strategies can be developed, learned, & practiced to improve communication & resolve conflict.

Due to stigma, couples & WOC often don't have access to mental health support that may be needed during times of emotional pain. WOC too often feel both invisible & exotified, feel forced towards self-comparison, feel undervalued & demoralized, and have a high tendency to find themselves making compromises to their values.

Unpleasant, earlier life experiences often cause mental & emotional scars. I work to pull back many layers & develop more appropriate strategies to minimize painful feelings, like shame & blame. Through a collaborative partnership, I hope to help single women & couples gain mastery over their pasts so that they can feel freer in shaping their futures.

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