Anxiety can show up in so many different ways. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by worry or self-doubt. Constantly feel the need to be perfect but rarely feel good enough, or feel like an imposter no matter what success you achieve. Maybe you're struggling with OCD and experience upsetting intrusive thoughts and compulsions. Or maybe you're feeling socially anxious and have a persistent fear of being judged by others. Whether it's OCD, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, or other types of anxiety these experiences can be so painful and make it difficult to fully enjoy and thrive in your life. Well, I'd like to help.

My name is Felicia and I specialize in treating OCD, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and other anxiety disorders (social anxiety, panic attacks, generalized anxiety and phobias). My approach to therapy is highly compassionate, accepting and warm, while at the same time very goal- and change-oriented.

Together, we would identify unhelpful patterns that fuel OCD, anxiety and perfectionism, and develop new ways of thinking and behaving that can break these painful cycles. As your therapist, my goal is to tailor evidence-based treatments (CBT, DBT, ACT) to your unique needs, and equip you with new skills to reclaim your life from anxiety!

I am currently offering both in-person and virtual therapy options based on your comfort and preference. Helping clients work through anxiety is a genuine passion for me, and I'd love to meet you and explore ways therapy could be helpful. You can schedule a free consultation on my website: https://jacksonpsych.clientsecure.me

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