You’re used to making something out of nothing and lately you’ve been feeling like you have nothing left to give. You’re always last on your to-do list.

You’ve taken the message “work twice as hard to get half as much” to heart and even though you’ve done that your whole life, you’re exhausted and you wonder if there’s a different way.

You’re feeling “Ugh” in your work despite loving what you do because you struggle being you.

You’re one person at work, another at school, and a completely different person with friends or your partner. You fear the consequences of everyone seeing who you truly are.

You feel like you’ve been putting on a facade your whole life because the world expects you to be something that you’re not. They expect you to be kind, giving, and loving, and everything to everyone, all the time and then they criticize you when you don’t live up to their standards.

You’re constantly being pulled in different directions because ever since you were a child, you’ve been taught that you have to be responsible for everyone else. But you’re accustomed to being disappointed, let down, and unappreciated so it almost feels normal. You put on as if it doesn’t phase you, but the truth is, it eats you up inside.

You’ll just take care of it yourself….that’s what you always do anyway, right?

You. Are. Over. It.

You’re over having low self-esteem
You’re over feeling stuck.
You’re over feeling confused.
You’re over being there for everyone else and having very little, if anything at all left for yourself.

You’re ready for something different.

You’re ready to be authentic.

You want to be able to ask for what you need instead of hoping that someone will figure it out.

You want to make your plate first, instead of waiting to scrape up the crumbs after you’ve taken care of everyone else.

You want to set boundaries around your time, money, and energy without being consumed by guilt and trusting that you are making the best decision for yourself.

You want to genuinely and truly FEEL happy.

I want to support you in making this happen!

In our work together, you will go from feeling like you have nothing left to give to being more empowered to pour fully into yourself so that you can genuinely show up for others. You will learn how to prioritize your needs in a way that feels fulfilling and rejuvenating.

We will process your childhood experiences and traumas, help you heal from your past wounds and challenge oppressive messages that have been passed down from generation to generation so that you can show up authentically in all the areas of your life.

You don’t have to be “strong” with me. I will meet you where you are and allow you to set the pace for your healing. I will also encourage you to go deeper when I can see there is something holding you back.

You are capable. You are resilient. But most importantly, you are supported. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this, but no worries, I will hold it for you until you can fully experience it for yourself.

​​I approach therapy from a psychodynamic and person-centered perspective, which means that I support you in understanding the ways that your past continues to show up in your present, likely in ways that you would prefer that it didn’t. I also utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as an intervention to release those present day effects.

If you’re ready to be free to be who you want to be, visit our website to schedule your first appointment and start your healing with me today! I have immediate availability.

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