I am not currently accepting new clients. My availability will open again in December. Please check out our other providers or contact our office to be added to my waitlist.

You give your all to everyone, yet you keep saying “I’m just SO tired.” You're used to making something out of nothing. Running on fumes and still getting it done. You’ve burned out and there really is nothing left for anyone else, including yourself. You’re always last on your to-do list anyway, so there’s really no surprise there, but you’re tired of constantly pouring into others who couldn’t care less about you when you’re in need. You think you're ready to take the cape off but that’s been your safety blanket your whole life and you can't imagine living without it. Who else is going to take care of it? It’s always been you.

We both know something has to change. I want to empower you to pour into and prioritize yourself so that you can show up and live. Authentically and Unapologetically. We’ll identify what is keeping you stuck so that you can let that go. You can take the cape off with me. I’ll help you set a pace for your healing and support you along every step of the way.

I will meet you where you are, and encourage you to go deeper into the things that are holding you back. I will offer you the compassion and care you need while holding you accountable to do the deeper exploration. Let’s get back focused on priority number one. You.
I approach therapy from a psychodynamic and person-centered perspective, which means that I support you in understanding the ways that your past continues to show up in your present, likely in ways that you would prefer that it didn’t. I also utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as an intervention to release those present day effects.

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