The stress just. won't. stop. Joy seems like an impossible feat. You find it hard to be vulnerable because you’ve been disappointed repeatedly. You wonder when it will be “Your” time. You can’t remember the last time you felt at peace. The fear of the unknown has become the theme of your life. The ways in which you usually cope are no longer working and you’re growing tired of your own procrastination, negative thoughts, and isolation. You want to be more present in your life and relationships. This is where I come in. I can support you by creating an authentic, safe space for you to show up unashamed.
We will partner to build a healthy toolbox that is unique to your experiences. I’ll challenge you (with care), offer accountability, and highlight your strengths to meet your goals. During our time you may cry (and that's quite alright), we'll definitely laugh, connect as humans, and ultimately get you to the other side of "It".
Are you ready?…..I’m ready when you are. Curious to learn more? Call, email, or check out my website to schedule a 15-minute phone consult. Let’s get to the healing.

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