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The mission of POD Counseling aims to guide millennial women of color on a path of discovery, healing, and self-reflection by examining, envisioning, and exploring how they can better manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

I have created a framework called: "The Pathway." It is the process you will take on your therapeutic journey.

Engage - The 15 minute consultation allows me to get to know what your hopes are for therapy, for you to ask questions, and for us to determine if we will be a good fit. If you are not sure whether or not you need coaching or therapy, this is the space where we can discuss this.
Examine - The first 1-2 sessions will involve an intake/assessment. We will go into a deep dive on what has brought you to therapy, symptoms you may be experiencing, as well as understanding who are you are holistically.
Envision - We will collaborate to create a treatment or coaching plan that best suits your goals.
Explore - This part of the pathway includes weekly or bi-weekly sessions where you will get to know yourself on a deeper level, and participate in self-reflective activities. In this stage, you may also find yourself embracing new behaviors and new attitudes.
Evolve - Sessions will continue until you actualized what you have envisioned! Throughout the process, we will revisit what you have envisioned and make changes if/when necessary.

Maybe you have never been to therapy. Therapy is an opportunity for you to dive into the innermost parts of who you are in a non-judgmental setting with a person who has the expertise and knowledge to guide you on this path.

You don’t have to wait until you are in crisis to see a therapist. It is time that we care for our mental and emotional health before it becomes overwhelming.

Offering therapy in NY and NJ and coaching throughout the U.S.

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