Do you find yourself always feeling overwhelmed by work and life in general? Are you tired? Feeling anxious and burnout? Not having enough time for yourself? You may notice heaviness or tension in your body. Maybe you don’t even feel connected to your body at all. What if there was a way to find balance, put yourself first without feeling guilty, find time for self-care, do the things you want to be doing, and feel lighter and more connected to your body? Therapy is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, build self-compassion, uncover your nervous system patterns and shift your mindset.

I work with BIPOC professionals who have experienced childhood trauma, feel burnout and anxious learn how to prioritize yourself and set healthy boundaries so that you can achieve a better work-life balance and reconnect with your body. I use Somatic Experiencing, CBT, and Emotionally Focused practices for healing.

You deserve to feel your best, worry less, and experience joy. Life is not about you just existing; it’s about creating and living the life you want and deserve. I provide a safe space to be vulnerable and visible. I look forward to supporting you along your journey. I offer a free phone consultation; you can contact me to schedule.

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