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I am an Identity-Truth expert! My goal is to help individuals love the skin they're in! Whether it's a new role in becoming a spouse or a parent,change in job status, or some other life shift, I help individuals navigate through the uncertainties of life and not lose their sense of self. We often think that it's the external things in our world that need changing to make us feel better; On the contrary, it is the work that we do internally that can in fact, change our world. Yes, I can help you with better coping skills, managing stress, processing grief, and improving relationships, but those are just some results that come from the chief work that I do with you: Connecting you to your story, owning your voice, better management of your emotions and forming healthier boundaries. I know society would like for us keep things at the surface level; only identifying us by our color. But the brilliance of our being is skin deep! Let's dive in together! Go ahead and give me a call now for a free 20 minute phone consultation. Oh and just so you know, I take a pragmatic approach coupled with humor because sometimes, you just have to laugh!

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