You seem to have it all on paper but deep down inside, you want so badly what other people have: confidence, healthy habits, and strong, wholesome relationships. Your attempt at attaining these things have got you feeling stuck or perhaps hopeless. You want love and respect in all these areas in your life but you are more scared than ever to take risks because you’ve been burned in the past. You know something is always getting in the way… and sometimes, you know it’s yourself.

Diving into this work together will allow you to feel more in control of your future and put YOU back in the driver seat of your life. Building the tools to build self esteem, trust, set limits, practice patience and self-compassion are the gateway to a more sustainable and peaceful life. Living as a confident person who maintains healthy romantic, familiar, and friendly relationships is not out of your reach.

I’ve worked as a psychotherapist for over 10 years. I’m a Black Latine daughter of immigrants, a first time mother in the pandemic, and I offer a celebratory and affirming space for the LGBTQIA+ community. My approach to therapy involves an introspective conversation where you are encouraged to explore the root cause of your thoughts and feelings. I believe in a person’s ability to restore their sense of self through insight, honesty, empowerment, and the desire to live as their authentic selves.
If you want to explore thinking more critically about your habits and how to break them, reach out for a free phone consultation. I’d love to help you get there.

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Group Therapy Details

Virtual Therapy Group for New Mothers

The beginning of motherhood is an incredibly intense experience that no one, including yourself, could’ve prepared for. It’s important to know you are not alone and that there is a community of women, just like you, ready to share in your experience. Building a community is a gateway to finding your way back to yourself and settling into the kind of life you want for your family. In this 8-week group, you explore the many emotional changes of motherhood including: Post- Partum emotions, Pressures of sleeping/feeding, Challenges in parenting, Changes in relationships, and Work/life balance

Virtual Therapy Group for Black Women

This is a virtual affinity group for Black millenial women ages 24-40 where participants can develop a sense of belonging, improve self-esteem, practice building trust, communication skills, and increase self-awareness and accountability. The group size ranges between 3-8 women. The group is open and topics are formed organically by members of the group.