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Life has a way of throwing curve balls that may feel insurmountable. The curve balls of life can affect you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Do you have sex-based issues in your marriage? Do you have an ongoing issue with your children & believe as though you are the most clueless parent in the world? Have you experienced trauma, adultery, abuse, church/religious issues, or mental anguish? There is hope. I specialize in marital, premarital, individual & family therapy. So, bring all of you even if you are hanging by a thread and only have a mustard seed of faith. Together through Jesus Christ, healing can be achieved!

My name is Faith C. L. Roby and I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Tennessee, Texas, and Kentucky with two Master Degrees in Marriage & Family Therapy and Christian Apologetics, two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Christian Ministry and Psychology, and a soon to be Doctor of Community Care and Counseling: Traumatology by Fall 2022. I am passionate about ministering through the God given gifts of healing.

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