I specialize in supporting clients in their desire to heal and enhance their lives. I enjoy helping individuals cultivate inner awareness. I collaborate with clients to equip them with skills to pursue their authentic goals.

My experience as a psychotherapist and certified yoga instructor inform my approach to care. (That doesn’t mean sessions will include handstands or any yoga poses :). The body and mind are deeply connected. Understanding this connection is one of the tools I use to aid my clients on their health and healing journeys. I utilize mindfulness techniques to assist clients with self regulation and self acceptance. Clients often find this helpful for feeling more at home in their bodies even when experiencing external stressors.

Improving mental, emotional, and physical flexibility is attainable at any stage of life. I consider it a privilege to come along side clients and help facilitate the process. I take each client’s unique needs, obligations, preferences, culture, and beliefs into consideration in the formation of a comprehensive care plan. I believe things have to be practical to be sustainable.

My population focus includes adults ages 20-65. I have significant experience working with individuals and groups navigating challenges with depression, anxiety, variations in mood, and education, career, and relational stressors.

Practice Details