Do you feel like you’re on a never ending “self improvement treadmill”? Are you trying to do “all the things” but you’re stuck feeling like you’re too much or not enough? Have you found yourself wresting with unhealthy patterns, anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, and relationship challenges?

Please believe me when I tell you that you are not alone. I support empower and equip grown ups (adults) in finding true health and healing on their own terms. I help high-performers develop self compassion and the skills needed to heal trauma, relieve anxiety, and curb depression.

I collaborate with individuals to identify and achieve their authentic goals. You deserve support that fits your unique life. Health and wellness is your birthright and your wellness journey is just a step away.

As a therapist and certified yoga instructor, I can help you incorporate holistic wellness into your day to day life. Your moods take place in the context of your mind, body, and environment. I can help you understand this interconnection and develop a space to express and work with challenging emotions.

My “gaslight free” approach to wellness comes from years of seeing people frustrated when the 3 steps to inner peace or the 30 days to perfect relationships don’t seem to work for them. These quick fixes are just “good vibes only” bandaids. Authentic healing is unique to each individual.

I invite you to put down the effort of appearing ok. I create a nonjudgmental safe space to be seen heard and empowered. Every part of you is welcome in the space we create. Your shame, insecurities, regrets, and perceived imperfections are valid and safe here. You are already enough and you deserve to get off the perfectionist treadmill.

Let’s move past appearance, heal the hurt, and cultivate the authentic well-being you truly deserve.

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