Are you struggling to find peace, balance, and clarity in the midst of the global pandemic? Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your professional life, family responsibilities, and social relationships? Are you seeking a therapist that can help you safely process past trauma while understanding the uniqueness of your cultural identity?

At Expressive Arts Place, we understand where you are coming from and hope to partner with you on your journey towards healing. There is a way to break free from the grips of your depression and anxiety; and tap into your inner wisdom! Our team of licensed mental health clinicians, specialize in serving clients from diverse communities.

Our approach to therapy is individualized to meet the unique needs of each client. We’ll work collaboratively to address the issues that are bothering you right now and will explore the different pathways to health. In addition to exploring the roots of your issues, you’ll learn to utilize tools and techniques that you can utilize in your everyday life.

The quickest way to get started is to visit our website to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, we'll discuss your reasons for seeking therapy and see if our services are the right fit for your needs.


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