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My name is Evelynnan Davis and I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor who specializes in life transitions, depression, anxiety, holistic spiritual development and trauma. I am passionate about supporting clients as they nurture their intuitive sense and learn to identify when they have control and can take action — and how to manage when they do not have control.

As a clinical therapist and certified Holistic and Integrative Health practitioner, my therapeutic philosophy is rooted in integrative practices that have been used to promote healing across cultures. I employ evidence-based holistic stress management techniques such as self-awareness, cognitive restructuring, guided imagery and art therapy to help my clients reduce the multifactorial effects of stress on the physical, psychological and spiritual self. My therapy approach incorporates spirituality and meditative techniques to promote healing in the mind, body and spirit.

I also strive to provide a safe space for clients to tap into their inner healer, supporting them as they unpack and examine the many moving, interconnected parts that compose the whole person. My goal is to help clients shift limiting beliefs to more valid beliefs that will propel them towards their goals. Ultimately, I work to create environments that support clients in their ongoing work outside of my office.

Embarking on a therapeutic journey is a process that allows both therapist and client to work together as a team to attain the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to live a life that serves divine purpose and fulfillment. As a therapist, I am honored to walk alongside my clients on this journey to feeling like their authentic, embodied self.

In my own life, I am a strong advocate of self care. I celebrate this in my daily routine through meditation, hiking, kickboxing, and playing with my dogs, Zoey and Preston.

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