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If you have landed here, you are most likely a successful, Black or Person of Color, creative artist and visionary, highly sensitive to your environment and others' emotions with a deep desire to build an intimate relationship with yourself and others but struggle with limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression and nuerodivergence. You see the world through a kaleidoscope of potential yet lack the knowledge on how to execute your visions. Your energy seems to benefit others more than it benefits you
Together, we will create a map to find your North Star and guide you to you inner peace with the support of somatic psychotherapy, reiki and mindfulness practices. I believe in getting clear on the vision so we can co create the daily steps to get there while also building an emotional container filled with compassion and love.
You deserve to be held with the energy of compassion, commitment and deep care. I look forward to hearing from you if this feels like what you need at this time.

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