You’re at a crossroads at work or in your relationship, not knowing where to turn. This is compounded by the difficulty you often have with making and sticking to decisions. If you choose to leave, you’ll ask yourself if you made the right choice, and potentially regret leaving. If you stay, you fear growing resentful. All of this on top of having to bring your A-game everywhere else, show up for your family and friends, and keep a decent routine for yourself. It’s lonely, confusing, and frustrating to always be “on,” and the anxiety and self-doubt you’re feeling leave you emotionally spent.

I'm Erin of Honey Bee Therapy. I work primarily with people-pleasing, high achieving, anxious individual adults who struggle with setting boundaries and codependent relationships. Often, people continue ailing relationships and habits without understanding why. I help clients dismantle unhealthy patterns and strive for a fresh narrative with intention.

You have likely spent a good amount of time caring for others, and long to receive that care in return. You deserve that care and healing. Let’s construct a space together full of compassion, reflection, awareness, coping, and decision-making skills. I hope we can work together for a healthier, happier you. Check out my website to learn more about me and my approach, and schedule a consultation with me today. I look forward to healing from you!

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