Life comes with a lot of demands, which can easily lead to increased stress, anxiety, worries, or fears. Have you experienced a significant impact on your daily routine, work, school or family life? Feeling overwhelmed can impact you in multiple ways: difficulty with concentration, forgetfulness, confusion, foggy thinking, or a racing mind. You may be experiencing increased conflict in your relationships. You may have noticed more difficulty at work or school. You may not be able to get tasks done in the same way you used to do. You may be struggling to understand why things feel so different for you recently.
Seeking therapy for these feelings may restore some sense of control and normalcy in your life. The opportunity to openly discuss your feelings and experiences in a nonjudgmental, safe relationship can help you better manage the stress of life.
You deserve a more enjoyable life in which your emotions are no longer in control, relationships are more fulfilling, and you have greater peace of mind. If you’re ready to see if I can be a fit for you in this journey, let's connect.

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