I help self-motivated young women “have it all” while managing the ups and downs of life. To “have it all” means something different for everyone. I help women redefine and create their own definition of “having it all” and set and achieve realistic goals.

Too often we allow society to dictate our careers, marriage, and family. There is pressure to be the ideal candidate for employers and the ideal mate for a spouse. We try so hard to be an idealistic version of ourselves, yet somehow, we are left feeling dissatisfied or as if something is missing. We then point out and focus on every void in our lives (i.e. romantic relationship, dream job, great friends, etc.) and overlook what is good in our lives. I help women build confidence to create their own set of standards for their lives without guilt and shame. We work to dispel beliefs about who you should be and create a narrative of acceptance for who you are presently and who you are becoming.

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    2295 Parklake Drive Suite 577
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    Georgia, South Carolina
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Group Therapy Details

Assertiveness Training Group Therapy

This virtual group focuses on improving assertive communication. When we are un-assertive, we may walk away from situations with our needs unmet, feeling misunderstood or unheard, decreased feelings of self-worth, and a constant replay of the interaction with ruminating thoughts about what you should’ve said or done. The benefits of assertiveness include gaining self-confidence and self-esteem, understanding and recognizing your feelings, earning respect from others, improving communication, creating win-win situations, improving your decision-making skills, creating honest relationships, gaining more job satisfaction, and reducing anxiety and improving mood.

This group meets Tuesdays 8:30am-10am.