You’re used to cleaning up messes, but right now you’re freaked out. When sh*t hits the fan, you’re normally the one who comes up with a fix. And that’s why now, everyone is turning to you for help in the midst of all this chaos. But this time, you’re struggling. You’re anxious, scared and having trouble dealing with uncertainty. You're playing out every worst-case scenario in your head and you can't look away from the news alerts. The things you normally do to get through stressful times either aren’t working or they’re not available to you and you feel like you’re on the verge of a meltdown.

You want to turn down the volume on those constant "what ifs" that are dominating your thoughts. You want to be there for the people you care about without sacrificing your own peace of mind. And most of all, you want to regain a sense of stability and calm in a time when nothing feels normal anymore.

I specialize in helping women with anxiety, history of trauma, and people struggling to cope with challenging life transitions. My practice is fully online through secure video sessions, making therapy convenient & accessible to anyone in NJ, PA, and TX. I also offer online scheduling. Learn more and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation at www.tailwindscounseling.com.

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