Hello Everyone!

My name is Erica Wright and I am based in Brooklyn, NY. Currently, I am pursuing a license in Mental Health Counseling, however, I completed my Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri in 2013.

I went into the counseling profession, because it was the most authentic field to my person. I have always been very intuitive and empathetic to others, as well as a good reader of the energy around me. I am someone who others often go to for nonjudgmental advice and wisdom. I have always been good at holding space for others and I am dedicated to the healing of the individual, which then leads to the healing of the whole.

I believe that a part of who we are is a combination of all our experiences, and sometimes we need help putting together all of life's pieces in order to create a full picture of self. I do not call myself a healer, but I have a gift that allows me to help others find their own healing, and for every person that finds a sense of healing and peace, we begin to heal and bring peace to the collective.

My approach to counseling is a mixture of clinical theories. While psychodynamic therapy is the main go to, I also practice mindfulness based cognitive therapy and motivational interviewing. Those that I work with, often say that I am easy to talk with. I ensure that individuals, couples and family units do not feel judged or rushed in their conflict, rather heard and validated. I have been described as someone who is a straight shooter and honest, however, I do so in a way that that makes people feel empowered. I believe in gently uprooting my clients, in order to help them see their paths and light more clearly. I understand the range of human emotions and feelings, and I am comfortable in both silence and noise because I am comfortable within myself. My training goes beyond a classroom or work experience, it is also rooted within my own journey to healing. And because I am constantly working on myself, the wisdom that I gain through my journey allows me to aide others along theirs!

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