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Our mindset impacts everything! Have you been feeling less like yourself lately? Irritated by others or experiencing crying spells out of nowhere? Do you fear that something awful might happen at any moment? You are not alone. Just like our cars, our mental health requires regular tune ups as well. Allow me to help you regain a sense of normalcy and personal control in life. Together we can achieve a healthy balance of mental health fitness. I am here to help you discover solutions while providing you support on your journey. I believe in normalizing mental health. We all experience various transitions in life. Some transitions are planned, and some are completely unplanned. Keeping you encouraged during difficult times is my goal. Thank you for choosing to show up for yourself!

I provide Motivational Mindset Coaching. I work virtually with various clients across the United States and globally. My approach to coaching is innovative, creative and inspiring. JP Creative keeps the everyday person in mind. I offer a personalized and creative experience, to help you identify your needs when you are feeling stuck and challenged in life by creating narratives that better serves you. Through the use of mindset work, solution focused goal planning and mindfulness techniques, allow JP Creative to help you design a life that works for you.

I embody JP Creative as I have been right where you are right now. I get it. Life gets busy and complicated at times but showing up for yourself doesn't have to be. We often put off the things we should prioritize. The time is now to prioritize your mindset and mental health. You don't have to do this alone! Let's discuss how I can best support you through my coaching program!

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