Ever wish life came with a “Life Manual” with a "how to" for the exact moment or situation? Or "if this happens, see Appendix A"? If only it were that easy. Living is full of twists and turns, backward and forward, side-to-side; ups, downs and even upside-downs. Right, wrong, or other, we do our personal best in the space we’re in with the skills and information we have. There is a safe space and support for: the parent feeling overwhelmed, a child struggling at home or school, a young adult transitioning from college to the workforce, couple with mismanaged expectations or anywhere in between. Help is available.

On your journey, my desire is to meet you where you are. I am EMDR trained to assist you with trauma, help identifying negative core beliefs, developing better communication, building esteem, restoring relationships, all by learning new skills and techniques. Together, we can navigate a new course toward balance and wellness.

As a Veteran and Breast Cancer survivor, I understand the need for positive support and encouragement. If you're ready for a new direction, you no longer have to drift alone. Together, let's pull up your current anchor of anxiety, doubt, frustration and/or hopelessness and steer toward peace, emotional wellbeing and a healthier living.

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