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Reaching out for help is one of the most humbling experiences we can go through in life. In a world that is constantly pushing narratives on us based on race, gender, sexuality and/or dominant cultural beliefs, it is life-affirming to engage preferred narratives that support and empower our own values. In difficult times it is easy to feel misunderstood or lost, longing to reconnect with our own resources. My work aims for those reconnections.
My approach is collaborative, working from a place of respectful curiosity. I am not the expert on your lived experience. You are. Together we identify and engage the incremental steps leading in the directions you want to go, diminishing the power of problem narratives in the process.
I am a Black Cis Straight LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapist who promotes sex positivity and body positivity. I believe in highlighting and affirming all of the intersecting identities we may hold. As a first-generation American, I’m passionate about exploring different cultural beliefs and dynamics, and nurturing spaces that engage the beliefs most important to you.

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