"Therapy for Where You Are"

Epiphany Lane Counseling is a mental health counseling practice committed to fostering a therapeutic environment of peace, power, and joy by helping vibrant individuals on their journey to acknowledging their potential, processing their past, and planning to adapt for their future.

Our niche populations include gifted, high achieving and neurodivergent professionals, youths and empaths with anxiety, depression, or histories of trauma as well as premarital/early relationship married couples.

Tiffany Lindley, MS, LPC-S, NCC is a native of Dallas, Texas, and the Founder of Epiphany Lane Counseling and CEO of On Epiphany Lane, LLC. Tiffany is a Nationally Certified Counselor, clinical supervisor, trainer, community advocate, and administrator with over 14 years of therapy, non-profit leadership, and public speaking experience. Tiffany’s mission is to educate, advocate, train and empower anyone with passion for growth seeking their unique purpose. Tiffany founded Epiphany Lane Counseling in 2018 on the two year anniversary of the passing of her Mother Clara. Clara often had to remind Tiffany of many things as she grew up undiagnosed with ADHD. Clara often said "Be Still and Know" and "Do what you know to Do". Tiffany has taken that wisdom as a sign that an Epiphany can happen right where you are. Tiffany currently lives with Lupus and personally understands the importance of mental health and wellness to maintain balance and have the tools to navigate hardships. Tiffany has been featured on numerous podcasts and online publications speaking on relationships, neurodivergence, human development, stress management and trauma. She is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP), Certified in CBT and Trauma Focused CBT and Certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (CDBT). Tiffany blends her various therapeutic experience, education, humor, creativity and clinical skills to create an individualized experience for each client or couple. Tiffany is a therapist that is not "nice" but focuses on communicating assertively and kindly to model for clients how to move with Power, Peace and Joy in their lives.

William Hunter (They/Them), LCSW, hails from Denver, CO, a robust locale that was instrumental toward developing their strong desire to aid often overlooked persons and communities. After pursuing a bachelor of science in psychology and their master in social work, they spent the following years preparing for and acquiring their LCSW, which was obtained in August of 2022. Through William’s long-standing, impassioned pursuit of ethical, empathic, and depth-oriented practice, they have undertaken clients from various populations experiencing a broad range of issues. They hope to support clients’ healing through the therapeutically necessary understanding of the “root” of their concerns, while attending to present, accompanying factors contributing to the endurance of identified problems. As William is currently interested in bridging psychotherapy theory and research with practice, they are deeply committed to bridging issues that are individual, group/community-based, and broadly systemic. Clients will be given ample opportunities to experience encouragement, skill-building, “breakthroughs,” meaningful challenges, and casual conversation inclusive of science fiction, “shitty music,” philosophy, and the occasional “awkward moment” when having psychotherapy with William. If you desire counseling that will foster deeper connection with yourself, and your community, such that healing occurs, consider making an appointment.

Prishna is an energetic and compassionate counselor with 14 years of experience in education. She is originally from Panama and has had extensive travel from her experience as a proud military dependent. She is a wife and mother of 4 children, and is passionate about supporting individuals from ALL walks of life. Prishna believes that healing and growth is attainable for everyone. She was brought to her own journey two years ago and sought counseling to go deeper into her personal dealings with depression and anxiety. She learned that "Happy People" with "Healthy Childhoods" also need therapy. This realization has inspired her to break stigmas about mental health concerns through education and transparency. Prishna creates safe spaces for people to freely reflect and express their emotions appropriately and without judgment. She specializes in working with anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, grief, relationship concerns, identity crisis, and self-discovery. She prides herself in her natural ability of customizing psychotherapeutic techniques that help clients navigate through subconscious blocks, limited beliefs, and fears. Prishna's authenticity, sense of humor, and free spiritedness allows clients to feel liberated and motivated for personal expansion. In her spare time she loves to roller skate, dance, paint, and spend time with her loved ones. She is spiritual and also has the mouth of a sailor. If you are looking for a therapist who is knowledgeable, empathetic, and real then look no further!

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