Welcome to The Enrich Therapy Group! Your journey towards an enriched life starts here...

But first...
Let's start by validating how stressful, overwhelming, and chaotic life has frequently been at times. Let's be honest, we all face obstacles, hardships, or some form of adversity in life, and pre/post pandemic adjustments have not made life any easier, at least for most. Just imagine telling someone you are "fine" when you are really falling apart on the inside, feeling defeated, constantly overthinking, or on the verge of crashing mentally, emotionally, and physically.

At Enrich Therapy Group, we understand that life has its ups and downs. If you are feeling hopeless or overwhelmed with life, we can help. Our therapy sessions provide an opportunity for you to identify and talk through the obstacles in your life. Please understand that therapy isn’t always easy - it requires intention, transparency, and willingness to talk through issues that you probably haven’t said aloud. Healing is also an ongoing process and for therapy to work you must be invested in the process.

That being said, we are committed to assisting you in discovering or reclaiming your strengths, building efficient skills while moving toward healthy growth, positive change, and an enriched life. Through a collaborative approach we will assist you in managing life's stressors, working through past traumas, and developing healthy and positive skills. Our approach is collaborative, client centered, solution focused, affirming, and multicultural.

Ready to start your healing journey? We've got you covered - a safe, non-judgmental and non-biased space has been curated specifically for you.

If you reside in GA and are seeking virtual therapy sessions, we are happy to get you started and answer any questions you may have. Please also visit our website ( FAQ page) for any additional questions. We also provide a 15 min complimentary consultation where we take a few mins to get to know you, your needs and goals. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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