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I believe an individual has the tools to live the fulfilling life they want to live and I, as the therapist, can help guide him/her achieve his/her goals. I create a non-judgmental therapeutic atmosphere and I make sure to listen to my clients. Throughout my years as a counselor I have had the pleasure of counseling individuals who need help with developing effective coping skills for their anxiety and depressive symptoms. I am also passionate about individuals who are going though bereavement and grief; no one should have to experience loss alone. Infertility is an area I am also passionate about because I have also experienced it
I also have experience in counseling individuals who have experienced trauma. My non-judgmental atmosphere in the therapeutic relationship, my skills as a competent counselor, and my natural desire to help individuals can be assets for my client's healing process. Sometimes we need someone to listen to us vent about life stressors, and I am here for that.
I am also an IVF support coach. I support women emotionally who are going through IVF/FET. I have experienced IVF and I know the emotional turmoil it can create. Having an IVF coach be your cheerleader during your IVF cycle can help you mentally and emotionally and it can foster a better experience. Click on the website link above to see how I can help you.

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