Welcome! I'm Liz.

Have you noticed your outlook on your life growing increasingly grim? Perhaps struggling in your self-confidence, your ability to trust yourself or others in relationships, or effect positive change in your circumstances.

I am a person-centered, integrative therapist that will instill hope to guide you to live a life rooted in your personal beliefs and values successfully. Whether you may be struggling with PTSD/trauma (including racial stress and acculturation), depression, anxiety, stress management, painful emotions, relationship difficulties, or making a healthy behavior change, I am here to tailor your treatment to you. I am an evidence-based therapist, who uses a multicultural approach to understand you, what has influenced your beliefs/values, and how your perspectives and life journey has evolved. I will partner with you on guiding you to a life worthy of you, using techniques that are proven to improve symptoms and achieve an optimal quality of life. I'm ready to collaborate with you!

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