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** Potential individual clients will have the opportunity to work with me at a rate of $35 per session. This rate is available for individual clients that can commit to at least 10 weekly therapy sessions. I provide only individual counseling at this time. **

Therapy is a time for you to have the support you need to be the best you. As your therapist, my goal is to help you strengthen skills and traits that you have within yourself. Each session will be focused on you and your goals. The fact that you are here looking for help shows that you want the most of life. I will create a non-judgmental, safe place for you to express yourself without hesitation or fear. Your session is where you can unlearn what does not fit in your life and to develop tools you can use with confidence and security.

Life is difficult and making the first step towards seeking therapy is a great decision. Though therapy is only once a week, this is a life changing moment for you. The effort you put in is for you and the journey is such a reward throughout!

I am a Graduate Student Level Therapist.

Conflict Resolution

You can inquire to work with me, Elizabeth at: WellnessTeam(at)BreakthroughSolutions.com

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