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You’re exhausted and worn out from the daily tasks of life and the emotions that feel all too heavy right now. You find yourself losing track of time, endlessly scrolling through the internet just to take your mind off things. You crave connection with those around you, but the heaviness of your emotions makes you feel like you’re a burden to those closest to you. On the inside, you battle with thoughts of all the ways that you do not measure up, and the feeling of never being good enough. You worry if people really want to be your friend and know you for you. The feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress feel closest to you.

You are usually the one to put others first, but you worry if people really see you and know you for you.

You crave authentic connection and a space to be heard, seen, and accepted for who you truly are, and not what others expect you to be. You want to belong, to vulnerably share life with friends and family, to love and be loved without fear.

You’ve tried figuring out things on your own and even dab in the latest self-help trend, but you have found that it’s not working as you had imagined. You are used to being self-sufficient and sorting out things on your own, but you have come to realize that you need help.

It takes courage to ask for help, we are not meant to do life alone but are made for connection. You see this, you know this, you seek this.

I understand that hesitancy can accompany the idea of therapy, so I prioritize creating a safe and trusting space that allows you to come out of hiding and show up as yourself, as you feel seen and heard to process your thoughts and emotions. During our time together we will explore your story and the deeper meanings and root causes of your pain, childhood experiences, difficult thoughts, and behavior patterns. Through a lens of curiosity, you will gain greater insight and new tools to bring about the change that you have been desiring.

Sessions with me are filled with compassion, warmth, non-judgment, and authenticity. I want to help you reconnect with yourself and leave those worries behind, so you can live a more peaceful life.

If you are wanting an expressive arts therapeutic experience, I utilize creative writing, poetry, story-telling, role-playing, shows (anime & kdramas), art, and music to help you explore and reconnect with yourself.

If faith & spirituality is important to you, I offer Christian counseling upon request.

Together, we will get you to a place where you are able to show up as yourself in relationships, meaningfully connect with those around you, to enjoy the life that you are currently living.

Feel free to send a message, to see if we will be a good fit!

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