My clients are able to develop coping skills to manage flashbacks, improve concentration, reduce low mood states, decrease irrational thinking and and increase positive behavioral changes for anxiety, depression and trauma. Overall, my clients develop an increased capacity to regulate and ability to access to the entire continuum of their experiences without sensory overload; increased control over fight-flight-freeze responses and; gain an increased sense of safety and ability to return to a state of safety and social connection. This means they are better equipped to manage depression, anxiety, grief, life transition and manage relationships with family, friends, peers and colleagues.

I work with clients on:
- Sibling issues; school issues (Children, teenagers);
- Burnout and work stress that results in feeling empty, fatigued and unable to cope with life;
- Experiences of emotional neglect, emotional and physical abuse and abandonment in early life and their impact on adults;
- Cultural identity; experiences related to being 1st/2nd/3rd generation American (African);
- Navigating life transitions such as graduation, career changes, engagement/marriage/separation/divorce and loss/grief/mourning
- Recurrent unexpected panic attacks, excessive anxiety or worry for months.

I take time to understand an individual from his or her own unique biological, social/emotional, familial, cultural, and environmental experiences and the systems that impact each client.

​Clients experience my therapeutic style as a holistic approach that focuses on understanding your personhood in all environments (friends, family, work/school, etc.).

All sessions are virtual at this time.

I am licensed by the New York and Maryland Board of Social Workers and received my Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and work in a number of clinical settings as a supervisee.


Please email staff@adikacounseling.com with any and all questions. Please specify your desire to work with Elizabeth and include your insurance information.


Please register for our HIPAA compliant client portal at https://adikacounseling.mytheranest.com/appointments/new. All sessions are currently virtual and take place within the HIPAA compliant Theranest portal. Once I see your registration, you will receive the intake documents. You must physically be located in Maryland or New York at the time of each virtual session due to laws and licensure regulations. You can select the 90791 - Cigna/CareFirst /Anthem/BlueCross and BlueShield - Diagnostic Evaluation - 60 minutes for the first appointment. On the day and time of your session, please login to Theranest and access the Telehealth Session link in your Appointments tab. Find your Appointment and click Start Session.

The practice will directly file claims with your insurance company. We currently accept Cigna as well as CareFirst/BlueCross and BlueShield/Anthem (not including Medicaid Community plans).

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