Adults seek therapy with me to work on navigating personal choice in the face of cultural, family and societal expectations; managing work stress; exploring career options; developing assertiveness discipline, structure and more. Further, I work with women on the psychological impact and nuances of the immigrant (immigrant family) experience and family relationships. I use treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and client-focused modalities to collaborate with and teach children, teens and adults how to be fully present and feel safe in each moment; develop healthy ways to manage and respond to stress; regulate their emotions in times of overwhelm or discomfort; and improve their relationships with themselves and others. My philosophy around healing and resolving the impact of life experiences, relationships and thought patterns is that the tools essential for healing lie deep within us and sometimes we need to partner with a change agent to help us access and skillfully build upon what is already there. My clinical focus includes the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, substance use disorders and more.

I use an active listening, engaging responses, compassionate questioning, validation strategies and cognitive behavioral interventions to support clients in remaining committed to therapy as they challenge themselves to change well-established behaviors they may have relied on for long periods of time. I work with adults to understand the ways in which family, culture, systems and personality inform thinking, behavior and emotional patterns.

I am licensed by the Maryland Board of Social Workers and received my Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University.

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