Hey Loves! I'm a Therapist who specializes in helping black women build and maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships. I believe that we as black women have the ability and the strength to overcome the hurt and trauma that has been placed on us. We are mothers, sisters, wives, aunties, teachers, and caretakers; placing others' needs above our own, but failing to ensure that our cup is full before pouring into others.

My approach examines the unhealthy, ineffective patterns in a given relationship and replaces them with patterns that are healthy and self-sustaining. I aim to encourage you, empower you, and instill confidence within you, while also calling you out and holding you accountable ( with love of course 😉 ).

Whether seeking counseling for the family, couple, parenting/coparenting or wanting to start your own personal growth journey, together we will help you to live in your purpose! Schedule your appointment and get started today!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high volume of client referrals, we now require a commitment of $20 for our consultation appointments.

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