Today's world demands so much of us. The pressures to be everything, do everything, for everyone can cause stress, anxiety, and depression. We are human. And even the best of humans need support from time to time to bounce back from the challenges of life and live powerfully. It is time that you had a consistent partnership that focuses on your healing, growth, and emotional resilience.
I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy using a humanistic, solution-focused and empathic approach. With 18 years of successful clinical practice, I have the experience and heart required to help you find your way back to you. Together, we can help you develop tools that will rediscover your inner strength and voice.
It's important to me that you are seen, heard, and valued for all of who you are and will become. I am your cheerleader, coach, confidant, and guide. I am rooting for you to succeed! So if you are looking for support that understands the nuance of a complicated life, I would love to connect with you, today!

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