Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how I may be able to help you. Call me "Elana" please. Through experience, I have been able to help individuals overcome the overwhelm of "life" stressors, anxiety, depression, relationship patterns and move forward to a MUCH better "place" in life. My style is very natural, conversational, engaging, attentive, and warm (according to what past clients have said). I combine several techniques to create a very solution-based approach. Using my counseling style, and experience, I want to get you to the point of thriving (not just surviving).

I started working in the mental health field in 1997. Since that time, I have held various roles as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, manager, and agency director. Decades in at this point, and I still love being a part of people changing their lives for the better.

Life can bring challenges that at times feel like just too much to sort through or overcome on your own. It brings great fulfillment to me to be a part of helping you to move beyond pain - beyond overwhelming stress - beyond not knowing -– beyond feeling confused. Walking WITH you through the tunnel, all the way to the other side, I learned long ago, that helping people 'change' is what I was called to do. I am humbled to be able to help you.

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