My passion for the mental health field started with wanting to help my family members process complex trauma. I know firsthand that having mental health concerns can be difficult. There is still so much stigma around having mental health issues, the process for getting help can be overwhelming, and it can feel so frustrating and lonely. However, I also know how much life can change for the better when you find support and take steps toward taking care of yourself!

I primarily utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a holistic and multicultural approach in treatment, meaning we will find a way to work through problems that speaks to who you are as a person in your context and environment. I begin where you are and tailor treatment to your needs. It is very important to me that you feel supported throughout the process. We will begin therapy by talking about the concerns that are troubling you the most. My intention is to provide attentive and empathetic care so that you feel comfortable during therapy. I check in regularly for feedback to make sure you are feeling good about our time together. I would love to connect with you and discuss your goals.

My style is warm and supportive, but I am ready to provide an extra push if you need it. Together we can work on establishing goals and steps for you, to help overcome your obstacles. I look forward to helping you in any way I can!

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