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I am only able to provide therapy to individuals residing in North Carolina currently. I work with ages 13+.

Welcome! So, you are looking for a therapist to listen, help you figure somethings out, and guide you through healing; let's talk!

Hearing many individuals living with AUTISM, a MOOD, and/or PERSONALITY disorder share how they struggle to be heard and seen ignited a passion to approach therapy differently, thus, the birth of Calm. Counseled. Thoughts., PLLC. It stands to be known that individuals with Autism are often victims of trauma and other mood disorders as well, and that DEPRESSION and ANXIETY tend to be overwhelming, especially when coupled with TRAUMA.

I am trained with assisting others in the processing of thoughts that alter moods and the creation of impulsive behaviors/decisions. I also work specifically with individuals living with autism, various mood and personality disorders, and anxiety. I have experience with assisting others in identifying and replacing behaviors that aid in a healthier mind, spirit, and body.

Being a trauma-informed therapist is a practice I take to heart and am honored to provide service for. Therapy is a partnership. Throughout this partnership we will work together to learn, process, and develop skills that will aid to decrease what may trigger you toward unstable moods, anxiety, depression, or recurring traumatic responses. For some, the incorporation of Christian/faith-based counseling may be requested to better aid in their processing. Christian/Biblical counseling is an area that I am trained in as well.

Call to schedule your free 15-minute consultation call. I would consider it an honor to aid you in your therapy journey.

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