Do you feel down or overwhelmed with the current state of your life? Anxious about decision-making, responsibilities, or relationships? Compare yourself to others or feel inadequate? Are you seeking mental clarity and balance? Of course, you are - you're human! And I'm here to assist you with navigating life's challenges.

At your pace, I'd like to support you with managing your emotions by actively working towards mental wellness and continuous self-betterment. I will assist you with developing coping skills to decrease undesirable thoughts and negative self-talk. As well as increase your ability to develop techniques that lift your confidence.

I take a collaborative and strengths-based approach as we work towards your goals and aspirations. My therapeutic style is person-centered, relational, direct, and non-judgmental. Together we will unpack your thoughts, feelings, and life experiences that have shaped who you are as we work towards a place of healing and transformation.

I want you to feel seen, heard, and understood. To quote Shawn Corey Carter [aka Jay-Z]: "You can't heal what you never reveal," so let's work! Contact me for a free consultation.

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