As a holistic healing psychotherapist, I’ve enjoyed witnessing individuals learn how to journey inward and begin the process of self-healing. I do this by walking each individual through their journey of discovering their authentic self. Exploring your internal resources in therapy can be fascinating, scary and enlightening. You will be well supported during this process. I believe that we are each equipped with the internal resources needed for embodying wholeness and wellness, it’s just at times we’re unaware of how to begin discovering them or the consistency gets derailed. I specialize in providing tools, skills and resources needed to address issues such as: anxiety, codependency, communication, depression, low self-worth, verbal and emotional expression and trauma. I do this by using Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, reflective listening as well as through the use of evidenced-based treatment modalities for trauma such as Cognitive Processing Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy. I will also recommend certain books and videos that can be used as resources along your path. When requested, I can incorporate sound healing with the use of crystal singing bowls to assist with grounding and anxiety reduction. My goal is to help you to expand your internal repertoire of resources when responding to triggers and other stressors. My practice is virtual only; we would use a 3rd party HIPAA compliant video chatting platform for your session. I am licensed in TN and TX to provide Telehealth therapy. I currently accept Cigna Behavioral Health and United Behavioral Health insurance. For those who would prefer to pay out of pocket, my self-pay rate is $120 per therapeutic hour (45-50mins). When you’re ready, I look forward to walking with you.

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