Life can oftentimes seem to go in the opposite direction of what we would like. Whether its loss of a job, family acquiring a disability, work/life balance, school stressors, grief and loss, traumatic events, or relationship issues, it can feel overwhelming. Developing the confidence to tackle these issues head on takes time, commitment to oneself and most importantly, the strength to know when to ask for help. Once you can identify what barriers are holding you back, only then can you begin to build a plan to move forward and improve your quality of life.

My passions include working with people that are struggling with reaching their life’s goals; specifically related to their anxiety, trauma, relationships, addictions, general mental health and self-esteem. Along with being a Clinical Therapist, I am also a Certified Youth Mental Health Specialist , and have extensive experience with children, adolescents and teenagers as well.

As for children and adolescents, there is no manual for navigating life as a child or teenager and it’s especially challenging when they are struggling. It is important to me that we not only approach the issues at hand, but also gain a thorough understanding of them, so they can move past it and grow from the experience. Some of the most common topics brought to therapy: academic struggles, social emotional development, death in the family, developmental concerns, life skills , traumatic events, and after effects from parents splitting up or divorcing. I want to help advocate for your child but also help the caregiver know how to follow through with the new tools in the home for lasting success.

Not sure where to start? Most of us don’t and that’s okay! It is important that I work with you to develop steps towards success that are realistic and attainable. I also strive to provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment that will allow my clients and I to collaborate on what works best for them, at their pace.

If you feel that you are not yet at your full potential, feel free to reach out for a consultation today. We can discuss what’s worked, what hasn’t and how you would like to better yourself.

I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and well as certified in DBT.

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