Greetings! Thanks for being curious enough to learn more about me and courageous enough to invest in yourself through counseling. My name is Dr. Zoe Johnson. I am a licensed clinical social worker with a Ph.D. in education.

My clinical and research expertise is specifically with, for, and on behalf of Black and Brown folks. It is an honor to bear witness to the triumphs and challenges of one’s lived experience. It is a privilege to reflect back to people the knowing, solutions, resilience, and joy that is ALREADY in them but blurred or buried by oppression, false narratives, and/or any number of messages meant to undermine our wellness, joy, and…liberation.

I stand with folks as they journey through life -- the evolutions, changes, transitions, and also the routine, ordinary, mundane – supporting their well-being through accessible and personalized counseling services. I help high-achieving folks overcome perfectionism, imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, and anxiety so they can cultivate & sustain the healed and healthy life that they deserve & desire.

I am Black affirming and Queer affirming. I support the full and beautiful spectrum of sexual, gender, and relational orientations. As a clinical social worker, I draw from a strengths-based perspective. I practice ethical principles based on social work’s core values of service, social justice, dignity and worth, the importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. I am pleased to provide an accessible, personalized, boutique counseling experience that supports your well-being.

If anything that I’ve said here resonates with you and you feel we would make a good team, let’s get started! I’m confident that our work together can help you cultivate the beautiful life that you deserve.

Peace, love, and abundant joy to you –
Dr. Zoe Johnson

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