“I am pretty sure I have some sexual trauma” “I don’t know if I have a low libido or what, I just don’t have a sex drive, right now.” If you’re ready to stop “going from one relationship to the next” without healing and break the cycle of “not-quite-right” relationships or to explore your sexuality and finally have answers to the questions on if your sex drive is “normal.” Normal is different for everyone and I don’t take a cookie cutter approach. If you have been considering therapy for awhile and you are finally feeling ready to start manifesting your absolute best life, from sex to self love and liberating yourself from oppressive mindsets, I am ready, too!

I am Dr. Zelaika Clarke, a licensed social worker, and if you are ready for breakthroughs in relationships, pleasure, sexuality, intimacy and more, I am ready to serve as your therapeutic guide and help you process, liberate, and help you find the right way to live for YOU. Together, we can increase your sexual esteem, pleasure, and make sure you are dressed in self love moving into every type of relationship. I have trauma and sexuality training and am ready to help you navigate all aspects of your sexuality and sexual expression.

Even Better: you need only have an internet connection to meet with me! Using privacy enhanced video technology, by scheduling & meeting with me in the comfort of your own home, office or car. No travel, No Traffic, No Waiting Room. Schedule your FREE 15-minute Discovery now.

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