In addition to general life challenges, there are unique challenges that Black women and young girls contend with. I understand these challenges from a personal and professional lense. In my practice, I provide a safe and validating environment for you to speak openly about the difficulties that prompted you to start therapy. Whether these difficulties are rooted in intergenerational trauma, racism and discrimination, life transitions, frustration with recurring patterns, relationship stress, consistent letdowns, frustrations with not meeting personal milestones, etc. I've treated a variety of presenting issues over the years, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship stress, panic attacks, gender identity, college stressors, childhood/family-rooted problems, bereavement, new medical diagnoses, women's issues, men's issues, military-related issues, race and culture-related stress, work-related injuries, and self-esteem. Licensed in New York and California, my office is physically located in California. I have clients who permanently reside in both states and clients who travel between both states due to their careers and other life responsibilities. I welcome you to visit my website in order to learn more about my services and approach to therapy. You may also check out a recent professional interview here https://youtu.be/4WlMi4ZRTDU
*Please note that I only provide telehealth to clients living in NY.

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