In our day to day lives, it can be difficult to notice changes in our mood, behavior or relationships and how that shift may be affecting our overall well-being. These changes can be caused by various stressors in our lives. As a therapist, I bring a genuine sense of compassion for the difficulties my clients face, placing great emphasis on building meaningful relationships, transparency, and authenticity. My integrated approach to care utilizes aspects of cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and mindfulness techniques to work towards a patient centered conceptualization of health.
My goal is to provide patients with a safe space, free of judgment, to explore what has been and to chart a path towards what can be. Together we will work to find meaning behind emotions, to discern the patterns of our thoughts, and to quiet conflicts that have lived beyond their time.
I provide a full range of individual therapy, group therapy and assessment services. In my work, the relationship between you and I is an important tool. Additionally, I take into consideration factors related to culture and diversity. Contact me so we can discover how well we will work together.

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