Have you ever wished your husband/boyfriend/partner/son would go to therapy? Have you struggled to find a therapist that understands him and his experiences as a Black man? I just may be able to help!

I am committed to addressing the well-being of Black men. Black men have been misunderstood, misperceived and mislabeled and it has had dire consequences on our collective mental health. Culture has shaped our views of self, mass media has painted us in a negative light, and society has made it acceptable for us to be killed, for the world to see, without justice. The overall message is that Black men, and our mental health, do not matter. Many Black men have learned to cope with this reality by normalizing unhealthy habits and behaviors because we have not been given adequate, relatable spaces where Black men can heal.

It is my desire to provide a therapy space that is for us, by us; a space that acknowledges the uniqueness and diversity of Black men’s experiences, while also having a cultural awareness and understanding of Black men’s mental health treatment needs.

Professionally, I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Georgia with over 10 years of clinical experience. I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and have worked with diverse groups including active duty service members, veterans, people diagnosed with severe mental illness, individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction, the LGBTQ+ community, adolescents, older adults and people living with HIV/AIDS.

I am a graduate of Morehouse College and received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). While being trained at these institutions, I recognized a lack of mental health resources that acknowledged, understood and addressed the unique needs of Black men. It is my mission to address this need by providing a safe space where Black men can lay their burdens down free of fear, shame and judgement.

Contact me today for a free 15 minute consultation so we can begin this journey together.

NOTE: I am currently conducting all therapy appointments over a secure video telehealth system. I am conducting all therapy appointments over a secure video telehealth system. I am accepting clients in the following states: Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C. and all PsyPact States.

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