Hi, my name is Dr. Venus Miller

Do you feel overwhelmed, strained with alteration of mood ? Are you struggling to reach your goals due to circumstances that negatively impact your mental health? do you have poor focus and fail to complete task at home/work or school? Has any form of trauma paralyzed your ability to be at the level you so desire? do you seek to learn about tools to assist in success of life goals including medication if needed?

I Am a experienced provider specializing in assisting individuals to be successful in reaching goals by assessing through a psychiatric evaluation that will highlight areas needing assistance to reach positive goals. .

Together, we can identify what's issues have hindered your progress and start the path to mental wellness that will promote positive outcomes and increase longevity of life by successful outcomes impacted by addressing any area extracted issues highlighted through psychiatric evaluation

I will also initiate and refer to a therapist and any other resources needed to ensure positive outcomes

I am also aware that seeking help in mental health can be scary and for some even embarrassing but allow me to instruct, educate and empower you to know that this is a very important, smart and intelligent choice to take charge over your life .In our sessions together, I'll meet you with compassion and evidence-based practice that you can apply to be successful, focused and take back your mental wellness journey.

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