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Psychology Associate
Pinnacle Center
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Under the Supervision
of Charles Ruby, PhD

Dr. Tyne Orí is a registered Psychology Associate with the state of Maryland and a trained counseling psychologist. She is a two-time Bison, graduating with her Bachelor's degree and Ph.D. from Howard University. Her therapy work with clients is grounded in being open to see the world through the client's lens of culture and their individuality. She has worked with diverse clients, in various phases of life, including college students, veterans, children and families, juveniles in the legal system, persons in psychiatric care, and persons with diverse immigration and international statuses.

Dr. Orí's approach to therapy is integrative of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and NTU psychotherapy. By integrating these approaches, she feels equipped to work with the inner world of the client while simultaneously seeing the client as a meaningful contributor to their cultural groups. The goal of therapy is to facilitate growth in the client that:

1. promotes harmony and balance between their needs and the demands of their environments,
2. fosters interconnected relationships with their community, and
3. empowers clients to exist in their authenticity.

****Note: Dr. Ori conducts phone consultations every Wednesday between 12pm and 6pm. Potential clients are encouraged to call at their convenience anytime within the indicated time window.

Phone consultations provide time for potential clients to get a real-time sense of Dr. Ori's therapeutic style to assess whether the client-therapist dyad could be a good fit.

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