Psychology Associate
Pinnacle Center
Waldorf Office

Under the Supervision
of Charles Ruby, PhD

I work with people seeking more out of life than the template that our mainstream society has created for us. I work with people who are waking up to self and are eager to know more about who they are as individuals. They have realized that the rules that others have set for them were well intentioned, but are not custom made for their experience, so they are ready to take the journey of self-discovery!

Using an integrative frame, I work with the inner world of my client to help them find themselves. The goal of therapy is to facilitate growth in the client that: 1) promotes harmony and balance between their needs and the demands of their environments, 2) fosters interconnected relationships with their community, and 3) empowers clients to be authentic.

If you are ready to intentionally engage in your healing process, I can help by guiding you through your own thoughts, emotions, and intuition, so that you can see your true reflection.

Dr. Tyne Orí is a registered Psychology Associate with the state of Maryland and a trained counseling psychologist. She is a two-time Bison, graduating with her Bachelor's degree and Ph.D. from Howard University. Her therapy work with clients is grounded in being open to see the world through the client's lens of culture and their individuality. She has worked with diverse clients, in various phases of life, including college students, veterans, children and families, juveniles in the legal system, persons in psychiatric care, and persons with diverse immigration and international statuses.

****Note: Dr. Ori is not offering phone consultations at this time. If you would like to do an intake appointment, sign up at https://point.handteq.com/forms/output/pinnaclecenter/.registration/

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