I have had the honor of working with people to restore their relationships, whether it was personal, social, family or work related. I have worked with hundreds of individuals who have had difficulties with life's stressors dealing with trauma, lifestyle (LGBTQIA+), depressed moods, anxiety, divorce, parenting & single, along with other areas of concern.

My name is Dr. T. Mia Carr, and I am a licensed psychotherapist and consultant (consulting/coaching differs from therapy in that it is present focused, does not diagnose mental health illness, is problem specific and solution focused; whereas therapy explores the past, doesn't give advice and tends to be long-term.)

I do not offer crisis/emergency services (currently or recently experiencing suicidal/homicidal thoughts or intent) on this platform, should I need to inform someone you trust that you need need immediate support, please complete the authorization to release information in the event of an emergency: https://forms.gle/dFZUhNB98hErTw8q8.

My hope is that we can collaborate so that I can tailor your sessions to meet your needs. I look forward to working with you (please feel free to inform me of how you would like to be addressed). ~Dr. Mia

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