Looking for a trauma therapist, someone who understands your experience as a black woman or woman of color, or therapy to help with your self-esteem or general mental well-being? Dr. Tera Reynolds could be the perfect fit for you. Dr. Reynolds approaches her work as a therapist with a deep understanding of the many challenging experiences faced by women, black women, and women of color.

Experience: 18+ years of experience providing social, and emotional support, academic/career advising, life skills coaching, and mentoring. Crisis intervention, emergency response, and case management support, to students and families in the Sacramento region

Clients: Black women, Women of color, Women, Young adults, Older Adolescents (15+), Teen Parents, Inter-racial relationships, Racial Trauma, Domestic Violence, Physical Trauma, Self-Esteem/ Empowerment, Negative Self Image.

Modalities: Crisis Intervention (advocacy, connecting, engagement, building trust, assessment, resource building) CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Mindfulness, Client-Centered, Personal Empowerment and Transformation, Coaching Psychoeducation, Accountability Coach.

Availability: Available on Monday late afternoons and Fridays. Evenings & weekends by appointment as needed.

If you are here because things in your life have shifted, and you’re feeling depleted, overwhelmed, or frustrated, you’ve come to the right place. If what you’re looking for is hope that things can be different, I believe they can. Whether it’s a moment of transition, an immediate crisis, feeling stressed at work, or feeling oppressed by societal norms, it may be time to seek additional support, someone to connect with to help confront these struggles, feelings, or thoughts. I can help you through this process and provide you with real-life practical strategies.

As a young teen mother, I know where to find the determination to prove the world wrong, defy all odds, and push back on stereotypes. As a Black woman, I know what it’s like to navigate professional spaces with marginalized identities and can apply this to my work as a counselor. As someone who has worked in criminal justice, child welfare, and the education system, I know what it takes to work with people who are managing complex systems. As a therapist, I know how to help you with the similar challenges you face.

My experiences have helped develop my approach to therapy—where connection, building trust, resource building, accountability, advocacy, and empowerment are central to the process. If you are looking for someone to be transparent with you, then I might be the right person. Let’s connect!

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