My greatest joy as a therapist is helping people find the courage to speak the unspeakable and “grow stronger in the broken places” following childhood, adulthood, and/or military/combat-related traumas. I know both the struggle of moving forward from a lifetime of traumas and the indescribable gifts of learning to trust others again, learning the joys of feeling attached and connected to others, and learning that you can thrive after incredibly distressing experiences. You are worthy of and have the capacity for such growth.

I specialize in treating clients with various anxiety conditions and PTSD following one or more traumas. I am trained in effective, short-term, trauma treatments: Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, and Written Exposure Therapy. I also offer relationally-oriented psychotherapy for clients with trauma looking for longer term therapy. Additionally, I treat OCD and utilize the gold standard treatment for OCD, Exposure and Ritual Prevention.

My ultimate wish for you is that you will find a safe space that provides you with the right tools to do amazing work on anxiety, trauma, or OCD, whether that is with me or elsewhere. Please feel free to reach out to learn more about services offered by me at the group practice where I provide care, Meridian Psychology Practice.

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