Have you struggled to feel safe, seen, and heard with a mental health professional? Have you ever felt not good enough despite your achievements? Or felt like you are an imposter—that you are just fooling people? Ever feel tired and unmotivated but unable to turn off your thoughts?

Let me help.

As Black women, we are more than one thing! We're often balancing multiple identities, multiple roles, multiple demands, and unfortunately, multiple barriers. My values, training, and experience allow me to help by bridging the gap between diverse experiences not well-understood with the latest professional insights and approaches in psychology. This includes Liberation Psychology, Sport & Exercise Psychology, and Intersectionality -- mental health approaches for multidimensional wellness issues. I use a lens that seeks to understand and acknowledge the relationship between your distress and your oppression. This lens also honors your ancient wisdom and seeks to cultivate your innate healer. Everything you need is already inside you. I can help you get in contact with it. Let's work together to add some compassionate nutrients, detangle the inner & outer barriers from the roots of your values and talents, and finally, grow your life authentically.

Healing outcomes for my clients have included: freeing themselves from their inner critic, increasing their self-trust and confidence, increasing their "response-ability" -- ability to feel and respond (not react) to their life, enlarging their capacity to self-nurture, increasing resilience & discovering passion/meaning in their lives.

Chemistry & safety matters. I invite you to reach out to me for a free 15-minute consultation and see if we click. I will not take it personally if I’m not a match and will provide you with referrals to help you find a better fit. Check my website for sample questions to ask me or other therapists to assess fit. Come chat with me & see if you feel any ease, hope, or clarity.

It's your turn.

Let us honor YOUR needs.

It's revolutionary to break this historical cycle of black woman oppression and neglect.
It's your time.

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