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I approach treatment from a biopsychosocial perspective because I believe we are integrated beings. Our physical and psychological health are knit together and when either one is out of balance, the other can also move out of balance. The context or situation can also contribute to that imbalance. As a health psychologist, I work with patients to help them regain balance and move toward healing.

Sometimes life challenges feel insurmountable. Whether they are related to work, relationships, personal goals, finances, or life and social stressors, these challenges can be immobilizing and disruptive. There is hope. The path to regaining balance and healing often includes a therapeutic intervention. I’d like to help you on your journey to move beyond barriers and challenges that interfere with living your best life. I work with individuals experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, general or chronic medical conditions, changes in functioning/abilities, work-life imbalance, sleeping or eating disruptions, and stress.

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